29 March

Weekend Wrapup – Audition Awesomeness

Another busy week in LA and although I’m totally exhausted, I’m loving it immensely and wouldn’t have it any other way.

So I had my first audition in Linda Lowy’s office, an office that probably any actor in their right mind would loved to be called in from earlier this week. It’s one of the busiest TV casting offices in LA, as they cast all of the Shonda Rhimes shows.  I really think my updated headshots are the tickets that have been opening the doors for my recent upswing in auditions in the past month. Once you get in though, it’s up to you to be prepared and prove that you deserve to be there.

After my audition, I thought I did a great job and went on about my day. As an actor, you try not to think about it but sometimes to no avail. Only time and busyness can cure that symptom.

Luckily, a couple more auditions to come along. One in particular is for a commercial directed by one of my favorite film directors. I love when my manager calls with an audition, but I laugh when he tells me it’s for the role of a 50 year old woman. WHAT?! I find this totally hilarious as I have not yet crossed into the ’40’ decade, however, I was determined to be a fabulously 50 year old, black don’t crack woman.

The bigger picture is that I just need to stay ready so that I don’t have to get ready!

Be Bold! Be Brilliant! Be Bad Ass!