30 March



Another successful weekend of theater goodness.  Saturday started with a Black Women: State of the Union (BWSOTU) Spring Cleaning Yard Sale.  As we’re gearing up for our third integration for our award nominated show, we’re starting off with a yard sale fund raiser.  It truly feels great to purge and make some moola for our upcoming production.  We’ll be planning for another one in June so keep on the look out on my Facebook page.


For me, there’s nothing more thrilling than being productive, checking things off the list and moving forward with your goals.  Occasionally it can become really crazy with info overload and so many outlets and tools for productivity sake, that it can actually hinder you.  I’m a prime example of that.  Sometimes I add my to do items in my BusyCal app.  Other times it’s more convenient to writing them down in my ideas note book.  Overall BusyCal tends to be more productive for me as it syncs with all of my devices and it has one awesome feature that I feel the Apple Calendar app is missing and that it adds your to do items into your calendar so that you and see and incorporate them into your schedule.  Whether it’s 5 items or just 1, productivity and progress feel damn good.  Just keep at it and we’ll find our groove together.

Here are 5 of my favorite tips on staying productive:

  • Have an accountability partner
  • Create lists and be realistic
  • Change your environment. A nice coffee shop or the beach always works for me.
  • Be consistent and you’ll have that goal completed before you know it.
  • Break the big goals into small doable tasks.


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