6 April

Black Girls Rock

Weekend Wrapup – Staying Ready and Black Girls Rock

When it rains it pours.  There’s times when you get so busy and you think to yourself, “Man, I wish this ride would slow down a bit so that I can enjoy it or, at least, try to keep up with the pace.”  At least that’s what I have said several times in the past.  However, I’m a true believer that you get what you ask for and most times not the way you wish.  I never want the ride to stop and that’s why I truly believe in the importance of always being ready.  I think every person who strives for ‘that’ big goal must strive to stay ready for those opportunities that we are hoping to just fall in our laps.

I was put to the test this past week, starting at the beginning of the week on Monday after my morning errands, I return home before noon, only to have my allergies start to kick into high gear.  Knowing that I wouldn’t be going out for the rest of the day, I down two Benadryls (as one no longer has any effect) and try to catch up on my Shondaland podcasts.  As soon as I lay down and let this meds do its magic, my manager calls.  Here’s the transcript of said convo:

ME: Hello
MANAGER: Hey are you sleeping?
ME: Should I be getting up for some reason?
MANAGER: Uh, yeah I got a Gray’s Anatomy audition for you in two hours.  Can you be there?

INNER MONOLOGE: What? They called me back in? Woo hoo.  Had my first audition there last week and didn’t book the job, but booking the room is just as great.

ME: Uh hell yeah I can be there.  Just gotta fill my veins with coffee.
MANAGER: Cool. Sending you the sides now. Break it!

Long story short, I took my coffee riddled self and auditioned my ass off for one role and then was asked to read for another. Flew back home and passed out.  Two hours later, I get a call from my talent agency about coming back to the Grey’s casting office to read for a third role.  Well, let me tell you, I was just giddy to know that regardless of what happens, I was awesome and prepared enough to continued to be considered.

Over the next day I got more auditions and a commercial callback.  Even though I didn’t get any bookings, I sit and I revel on the fact that I was so prepared that even an allergy drugged Tamika can go in there and rock it cause I stay ready.  I know many, many more auditions and opportunities will knock at my door and I am ready to walk though it and kick some ass.

I think my fellow Philadelphian and Overbrook High School Alum movie star Will Smith says it best here.


Black Girls Rock

I got to watch the encore presentation of the Black Girls Rock Award presentation.  Can I just tell you how freaking overjoyed it made me feel to see a large venue full of amazing people loving and celebrating amazing Black Women?  It made my heart so full, my spirit so proud and the awesome-ocity of Black Women.  I just love seeing platforms that celebrate heroes, leaders and those who inspire who happen to be Black and female.

This year’s recipients were Nadia Lopez, Dr. Helene D. Gayle, Erykah Badu, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cicely Tyson and Ava DuVernay.  The show was also filled with some kick ass performances.  My favorites were from Jill Scott singing one of her latest songs, You Don’t Know, that I immediately went to iTunes and downloaded to my iPod and Fantasia killing a rendition of Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep in the Pillars of Justice Melody.  Man, when ‘Tasia sings, I just get goose bumps.  That chile knows how to take it to church each and every single time.

Feel free to comment below on how you rock and what you do to keep on rocking.