3 August

CPR Sitcom Pilot Shoot

Another hot day in California in the summertime.  The thing that made it so bearable was I just wrapped on shooting a pilot presentation written by my friend and colleague, Paula Mitchell Manning.  Got to shoot and meet some amazing people in front and behind the camera, including Allison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie), Mother Love (TV and Radio Show Host), Sean McNabb (Rock Musician and Sons of Anarchy), Steven Wishnoff (Oz), Vanja Scholls (Actress/Comedian) and Phil Ramuno (TV Sitcom Director).  We even had a special guest, Willard Pugh (The Color Purple), stop by our set and hang out with the gang.  It feels so good and validating when you’re surrounded by awesome, talented people and it’s a reminder of if you work hard enough, you WILL tier up and start playing with bigger fish in the ocean.

Keep living those dreams and … Be Bold! Be Brilliant! Be Bodacious!